The Benefits Of Beef Liver For Dogs

We have to look after ourselves, eat the right foods and get enough exercise. But sometimes we forget about our dogs, they also need nutrients like vitamins and minerals so their bodies can function at an optimal level. Organ meat has excellent health benefits both for humans and dogs. We know what your thinking, and feel the same way about it, we would never serve up liver, kidney or brains for our family, but for our dogs it's a different story.
Beef Liver is a nutrient dense food. It contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your dogs immune system, metabolism and general well being. It’s packed full of:
  • Protein – Helps build and repair muscle.                                                                                                                     Beef Liver
  • Healthy fats – Help to absorb vitamins and protects brain and heart health. Healthy fats also aid in keeping your dogs coat healthy.
  • Vitamin A – Helps keep their digestion and reproductive organs healthy, and is a strong antioxidant.
  • Iron – Good for the function of their metabolism, brain development and helps regulate body temperature.
  • B Vitamins – Support mental health, brain function, cell function, red blood cell production and immune system health.
  • Copper and zinc – Support bone and joint health, skin and coat, as well as immunity.
From Pasture To Pet’s Beef Liver has been slowly dehydrated, not cooked. This means that the nutrients are left intact and not lost from using high cooking temperatures. It is easy to break up into smaller pieces, making it great for when your training/rewarding your dog. Beef liver is a suitable treat for dogs of all sizes.
If you would like your dogs to enjoy the benefits of our Beef Liver treats, you can purchase them here.